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CodeFromGo Basics

CodeFromGo Basics


    CodeFromGo Basics is our foundational seminar series that teaches you to code by coding. From the opening minutes of this live seminar series, you will be writing real, usable code that actually works!

    Registration is closed for the SEMINAR SERIES. Registration will reopen for the next series soon.

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    This course, designed and taught by veteran software developer Vin Armani, is specifically oriented toward novice programmers with zero coding experience. As a self-taught coder and a software professional with a decade of experience working in large and small teams, Vin will take you rapidly through the process that he undertook himself as he learned to code.

    This course will demystify the world of software. You will learn the necessary skills and vocabulary so that you can go and acquire new information on your own. This course is designed to be “less talk, more code” and will have you coding from the word “Go!”

    Whether your interest is in starting a career as a software professional or just adding the world’s most valuable skill to your repertoire, this seminar series (which can be viewed live or on demand) will give you the foundation you need and the confidence you deserve as you explore the exciting world of software development.

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    Course Curriculum

    Seminar 1: Introduction
    Seminar 2: Arrays & Objects
    Seminar 3: Learning To Loop
    Seminar 4: Keepin It Class-y
    Seminar 5: The Main Event
    Seminar 6: Go Fetch
    • 21 Days
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